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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel


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Suse's Kinder Babywearing coat in red for all seasons! Removable liner that can be worn as separate babywearing jacket.

Finally a babywearing coat with some color. In stock the middle of November! Lining is dark red, like coat, not like the sample coat tan.

Almost 5 year old on back. This coat is expandable to make room for the family.

8 month pregnant and no child with the extra baby insert for the front. No extra pregnancy coat needed and no extra panels to purchase. What a bargain!

With almost 3 year old on back and 8 month pregnant. Suse's Kinder has room for the family!

adjustable drawstring in outside pocket to keep baby's feet warm

Now with two way zipper to make sitting, traveling, bathroom use, etc. easier.

(Disclaimer: We do not tell parents what is safe to do with their children and what isn't. We do believe parents know what they are confident with and what not and leave it up to the parents to make wise decisions regarding activities with their children. We are not responsible for any injuries that might happen while wearing your Suse's Kinder coat. We simply show pictures of what parents have enjoyed while wearing our Suse's Kinder coat.)