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Suse's Kinder

Unique Baby Wearing Apparel


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New Products from Suse's Kinder

 All items are perfect for your favorite babywearer - yourself! and your family along with items for older siblings. Get something that will get used non-stop instead of another gadged that sits on your shelve all year.

Want to be outside with your children, even in rain and mud? Grab your Suse's Kinder Rainponcho or your Suse's Kinder babywearing coat and put your toddler in the Suse's Kinder Rain/Mud overalls.

Even for the smallest there is a size that will fit to keep your child warm and dry.

snaps to adjust widths of them and elastic on bottom to keep pant legs in place and water out.

Our Fall 2006 Products

Baby wrap blanket will be arriving December 2006

Just arrived! order your snow at

Suse's Kinder baby wrap blanket. Fleece. Can be buttoned several different ways. Can be worn like a baby poncho or cape.

Fits in car seats, strollers and of course, what it was designed for, a baby wraps or slings. The color will be a shade of tan, nutural for both genders in baby and the babywearer.

Perfect for the parent who gets hot easily but needs to keep baby warm. Easy to use and stays perfectly in place.


JUST ARRIVED - Available


Suse's Kinder el nino poncho. Cute little Lamas give this poncho life. Sure to be a favorite of parent and child.

Front and back carry option possible. This babywearing poncho is a great choice for milder weather.

El nino babywearing poncho is made of wool and acrylic for easy care. This babywearing 

poncho will be made in sizes S-L.

On this babywearing poncho, the baby's head opening can be closed so there is not a gaping hole when you don't have a baby with you. It is a great comfortable babywearing poncho for dressing up or dressing down.

Vest will be availabe towards the end of December 2006

JUST ARRIVED! Yummy raspberry red!

Suse's Kinder Babywearing Vest - the most unique design in a vest yet!!

Stylish babywearing vest without a baby in it. Hidden zippers eliminate the need to keep track of your insert panel, it is always with you. No more deciding if you are going to wear baby in front or back before leaving home.

Backwearing and Frontwearing with this babywearing vest.

Pocket on inside on lower back allows for quite a bit of extra storage. Bring your diaper, a few wipes, and enjoy the outdoors!

Color will be different than light blue in babywearing vests sold this Fall. It will be somthing like this.

Diaper bag


All purpose diaper bag - most versatile diaper bag on the market. Made especially for babywearing! Has been tested in various situations and was always a favorite babywearing accessory.

Drink holder that can be folded up and tucked into a little pocket, see picture below somewhere.

It fits more than most big diaper bags. It is for hard core mountaineering or a stroll through the city, absolute perfect. A must have for the serious babywearer.

comes with two extra bags that are coated. One for a dirty diaper and one for food. Both have snaps and can be hung outside on the bag to reach food easily or to keep a smelly diaper away from everything else when out and about or using cloth diapers. Also has small pacifier bag that can be attached to outside.

Cell phone pocket on outside for easy access.

light weight changing pad that can be removed

Need something out of it and don't want to take baby off to get it?

Simply move your bag to the front - a babywearing delight!

With Suse's Kinder Babywearing coat strapped to it in case it rains or is windy.

want a shoulder strap instead when not hiking, no problem, comes with shoulder strap that doubles as backpack straps. Unique design never seen before by babywearers.

Too heavy for a shoulder strap or not comfortable? Just use the backpack strap option and keep going.

This is what was I have in it hiking and all fits without a problem.

Wet wipes, extra diaper, mosquito spray, sun screen lotion, a leatherman, medical tape, water purifier, a snack, extra outfit for my son, hand sanitizer, waterproof matches, kleenex, some cash, credit card and drivers lisence, first aid kit, Viburcol, an emergency blanket, a tiny sewing kit, a small planner (would fit IPod or palm pilot too), borrowed cell phone from my husband (just for the picture, I don't own nor want one), a compass with wistle and magnifying glass, a watch, and sometimes on the belt (you can see it in some pictures from the front) a fold up shovel, my car key (just to an old '92 Dodge Caravan with 200 000 miles - nothing fancy and I guess I could leave the key in the car, be the last car anyone would steal on the lot) also some small toys and a small book. Usually my camera is in it too but I needed it to take the picture with.

separating zipper to give you more room when needed (bag expands like an accordian when open). Can be used as pocket when closed. I keep an extra diaper (cloth diaper fits very well in here) a pair of pants, socks, and a shirt in there at all times. I like to keep this zipper closed but have used it extended. I needed the extra clothing in there several times during my travels through the Czeck Republic (my parents are from there).

dirty diaper coated bag can be attached to outside of bag so it won't smell up your other items. Will fit a cloth diaper.

Babywearing doesn't get better than this!

Never Seen Before - Babywearing Coat Suse's Kinder Deluxe

George - the bouncing inflatable horse. He is stable on his four legs and feet and will allow your child to ride into the sunset every day.

Your child will develop a sense of balance, muscle tone in the legs, and receive vestibular stimulation which stimulates the part of the brain that is used for language development. Can be used outdoors and indoors.

George the bouncing inflatable horse, a toy and a friend!

We love racing horses with them. Each of our children has an inflatable horse and each uses them daily and has for years. George the bouncing inflatable horse is worth every Penny and he is quite affordable.

Children's Needs Sandbox Exavator

Help your child develop eye-hand coordination. This is crucial for any kind of fine motor activity like writing or crafts. It teaches a child presicion, endurance, and balance on the side while enjoying big dreams of driving a back hoe. Our children play with this for hours in our sandbox, loading and unloading trucks. We actually decided to have two sand box exavators to cut down on arguments on who gets to use it or who had it first. It worked. It is a child's favorite, not only ours, their friends too.

More info on the above products at

Heros Wood Toys from Germany. Not just Germany, they come straight from the heart of the Bavarian Forrest. More products and info at